Water, Water Everywhere!!!

So this is how our Friday 12/16/05 went. A phone call from the landlords that I had better get down to the building right now. Water is pouring through the building from the 4th floor down through my first floor end of the building bringing with it all the oil and crud that the 150 year old building could hold in it's floors.
Luckily I had a lot of plastic already cut to size from my 10 day Florida trip when I warned the landlords that if the heat was not repaired they were going to loose their fire sprinkler system.
So anyway there was a hole in the top wall of the building that no one had noticed right behind a main feed pipe for the fire system. I sometimes hate being right. In the intense cold of that week the cast iron pipe burst and when it thawed Friday morning the place turned ugly. For some reason the water did not get shut off for almost 3 hours which brought the estimated water flow to 20,000 gallons. What a mess. We did not have a lot of damage but a big mess to cleanup. Some of the other tenants lost it all. Then the Monday after Christmas it happen again although not as bad.
Rising Sun Cycles has spent 1/9/06 thru 1/16/06 packing and moving and trying to keep up with orders, emails and voice mails.

We apologize for any delays in orders reaching our customers. The new location will allow us to be more efficient for the 2006 season.