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Write It Down!

Motorcycle Road Race Record Journal

Used By The Racer Who Just Finished in Front Of You!

How Many Times have you fumbled through scraps of paper in your tool box to find your lap times and bike setup from the last time you were at a specific track?

Excellent tool for racers
and track day riders alike!

The Race Book is a record journal of your progress in setting up your bike, and helps you organized the way you approach the sport.  Designed by Steve Aspland of The Penguin School with the help of Dale Quarterly and Eric Wood.

We have hundreds of riders that claim it makes life easier.   Read what was written about the book a few years ago. At each track you race at, you fill in the setup of your bike . . . sprockets, jetting, tire sizes, tire compounds, lap times and goals, motels, restaurants, expenses and so on.

The next time you go to that track you arrive set up where you left off.  Just flip your Race Book open and there is every thing you need to know to setup your bike for that track!  Now your already ahead of the other racers and can work on more improvements.

Note: This application does not require a WIFI connection. Easy to update and review and fits in your toolbox. Batteries not included.

Some sample pages (click for larger size image):

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The Race Book is an organized way to keep track of:

  • Bike Setup
  • Weather & Track Conditions
  • Lap Times
  • Finish Positions and Points
  • Important Notes
  • Names and Addresses

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