Hawaii 2003 - Hawaii - The Big Island
October 26 - November 1, 2003         
November 1 - November 8, 2003        Kauai
November 8, - November 12, 2003    Oahu

Beaches, lava fields etc.
The last two pictures is the remainder from the last lava flow in the early 1800's on the Western side of the island

Kahua Ranch
Paniola (cowboys) are big part of life on the Big Island due to all the cattle and horses given to the chief many, many years ago. The chief brought over the first cowboys from Arizona to train his people how to manage his herds. The beef industry is a large part of life on this island...

Feasting at a luau is a Hawaiian tradition that dates back centuries. The main course is a pig which is stuffed with hot stones and wrapped in ti leaves then cooked all day in an underground oven called an Imu.
Very yummy!

Kealakekua Bay
We snorkeled at this bay...Lots of colorful coral and fish. Very  beautiful.. Wild dolphins were close by playing with the kayakers.

A Lap of Hawaii
We rented a small plane and took a lap round the island which is about the size of CT with a population of under 900,000 with two 13,000 foot mountains.
Besides water falls and Macadamia nut farms we flew over a live volcano.